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  • Knew exactly who your ideal customer was and what it is they want most
  • Had the power to persuade and sell with ease and integrity to win over the hearts of your audience longterm
  • Had a solid brand identity that your audience could easily adopt as their own and buy into
  • Could capture anyone's attention in a matter of sentences and keep them begging for more


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The part of the brain that controls your feelings and emotions, also controls your decision-making. 
If you want to move customers to action and drive them to buy your products, then you need to make them feel something. And in order to make them feel something, you have to tell a story.
Discover man's most powerful and persuasive communications tool and learn how to get people to buy into your brand longterm using the VIRAL STORY blueprint.

In this course you will gain clarity on:

  • Your brand's vision + purpose
  • Marketing + communications strategy
  • Persuasive sales strategy
  • Storytelling + story marketing strategy

Learn how to:

  • Enchant your audience
  • Build instant trust
  • Overcome false objections like "you're too expensive"
  • Drive your audience to buy (and buy again)
  • Wow customers and increase loyalty

The course includes:

  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists
  • e-Books
  • Dedicated Support
  • FREE Support Call ($200 value)

Walk away with a fully functional foundation for your business that will aid you in marketing, sales and customer service for years to come.

Your brand story is the foundation of your business, the tool you need to truly change the world. It's the north star that will guide your decision making and communication for the lifetime of your brand. Go through VIRAL STORY and watch how quickly your biggest business headaches disappear when you ground your business in storytelling.

Choose magic over mediocrity. Build a story-driven brand.

What's included?

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Module 1: Let's Get Started!
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Want to download the slides from a presentation?
Module 2: THE FORMULA: What Makes A Good Story?
What Makes A Story - SLIDES
14.1 MB
Module 1 + 2: Introduction to Brand Storytelling - WORKBOOK
6.9 MB
Module 3: Introduction to Brand Storytelling
How To Use Storytelling To Become More Persuasive and Powerful In Business - SLIDES
9.5 MB
Brands Who Do It Best - SLIDES
8.46 MB
Module 4: Creating Conflict and Tension
Make America Great Again: Conflict and Clarity - SLIDES
20.3 MB
The Importance of Conflict + Tension - SLIDES
12.4 MB
Crafting Your Emotional Promise - SLIDES
6.72 MB
Module 2: Conflict + Tension - WORKBOOK
6.62 MB
Module 5: Getting To Know Your Brand Enemy
The Perfect Brand Enemy - SLIDES
8.62 MB
Brand Enemy Workbook
6.62 MB
Module 9: Complete Your Hero's Journey
Complete Your Hero's Journey Workbook
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Who is this course for?

VIRAL STORY was built with love for entrepreneurs who want to build a BRAND, not just a business. Entrepreneurs who aren't in it just to make money, but are working to leave a legacy. VIRAL STORY will aid you in clarifying your purpose and messaging, allow you to skyrocket sales without compromising your integrity, become more persuasive without being pushy or salesy, and create a brand that rises above the noise in a competitive market. Sound like a good fit? I'll see you inside :)

How will storytelling help me build a more successful brand, skyrocket sales, etc?

Storytelling is man's most powerful communications tool. Without it, success is fleeting. If you want longevity, lasting connections, and a tribe of raving fans then you MUST tell good stories. Stories build instant trust and connection making sales effortless and marketing a breeze! Plus, when it comes down to decision making, your brand story will be a GPS of sorts guiding you towards your ultimate end goal/destination.

I already know my 'Why,' so why do I need VIRAL STORY?

It's not enough to state your 'Why' and place it at the core of your brand. It's a great first step, but you're not done yet. If you can't effectively communicate your 'Why' through persuasive and intentional storytelling, your 'Why' is lost in the noise.

What does this course include?

Each module includes video lessons, downloadable slide decks, worksheets, and checklists. You'll also have full support from me and my team and the opportunity to book a strategy call with me if you get stuck! PS.. the first call is free, baby ;)

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We're bringing story back.

We're bringing storytelling back to the data-driven business world by helping entrepreneurs create enchanting brand stories that engage and inspire customers to buy (and buy again).